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Law of Torts

What is Tort and basic ways to dealing with it?

Have you ever faced something which is personally hurtful?

Have you ever thought one should be punished for emotionally abusing you?

What if someone forcibly enters in your office or home?

And if someone make loud noise next door or in the area you are residing?

Or what if someone just defames you in your society and you are not able to take it which is lowering your societal image & respect?

Yes, many other such questions must  be arising in your mind on day to day basis or may be occasionally.

Do we have answer for it in our Indian Law & Order?

So, the answer is yes.

The law of Torts

It can give you relief from various such pains. Only thing is you should find out to claim your fundamental rights.

Law of Torts; though it is uncodified and unwritten exactly but suffice to support for many civil wrong relief through various means.

Let’s see its definition from Salmond’s point of view:

1. Tort is a civil wrong;

2. This wrong is different from breach of contract or breach of trust or other equitable obligations.

3. This wrong is redressable by an action for unliquidated damages.

According to winfield a tort has the following essentials:-

1. Tortious liability arises from breach of duty fixed by law.

2. This duty is towards persons generally.

3. Breach of duty is redressable by an action for unliquidated damages.

Thus, if you have come across any such issues where you believe the duty fixed by law is infringed by any person for you, you can claim damages for it by filing a civil suit against such person.

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