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Can Negligence Result in Suit Against Me?

How Negligence for doing any act or omission of act affect me?

Negligence is a concept which is most of the time taken very lightly by people, thinking that its okay to leave the situation like that.

But, have you ever think that it has penalties in law, if you neglect to do certain things or duties which an ordinary sensible person is liable to do or you omit your act in such a way that it would cause problems to others then you are responsible for “Negligence” as an offence in eyes of Law.

Lets see the Essentials of Negligence:

In an action for negligence the plaintiff has to prove three essentials to prove the liability of the defendents:

1. A legal duty to take care.

2. Breach of the said duty.

3. Damage to the plaintiff as a result of breach of the duty.


1. If someone leaves the electric wire open near his residential which is used by passerby also, and if anyone passingby gets the electric shock. Then, such person is responsible for his negligence.

2. Chemical industries which are responsible for treatment of chemical effluents and they release the harmful gas or chemicals in water causing harm to environment and people residing in vicinity of that area, this can result in heavy penalties to such industries for their negligence act. There are various theories for this issues like Absolute liability and Strict Liability etc to support the damages to be claimed through established case laws.

There are many instances which happens in day today life which can cause severe damages to life of people or environment through negligence.

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