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What is Gap Year Affidavit?

What is Gap Year Affidavit?

Gap year affidavit is made for students or working professionals who need to submit it to their school, college, company or any organization so as to provide them declaration that why they were not able to complete the academics without taking any gap.

It is made for 1 year and above gap in regular academics.

What are the information and documents required for making it?

Following information needs to be provided for making gap year affidavit.

  • Name
  • Resident Address
  • Last passed standard & year
  • Reason for Gap
  • From & To Gap Year

The document is only required to verify the name and address.

All other information is a declaration from the person making it.


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Gap Year Affidavit


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Facing difficulty in recovering small loan amount?

Facing difficulty in recovering small loan amount?

There are plenty of cases found in every corner of us, where people give money to their trustworthy relative or friend some small amount loan and are unable to recover the same.

This small amount becomes big when it is not returned and spoils the relationship and breaks the trust.

Breach of trust is common thing, however, it can be avoided with small step taken before giving the money to that person.

All you need to do is to make one loan agreement or affidavit or declaration on legal stamp paper, specifying the details of the borrower and Lender along with terms and conditions of repayment of sum taken under the signature of witnesses.

This small step can save you from losing the entire value and keep the other person always aware of terms on which he or she has taken money.

To legalize the process, one should have taken some legal step at the beginning of money exchange, so that it becomes easy to recover that loan by the order of Law.

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How to make online affidavits or agreements?

How to make online affidavits or agreements?

Procedure of making affidavits online?

In today’s time when time has become biggest constraint in life of every individual, and anyone & everyone wants to get fastest services without much hassle of travelling, and in such era, when you have a need of affidavits or agreements to be made for small matters and you have to take a leave to go to court to make it, we have come up with solution for such issue now.

You can make any legal documents like affidavit, agreement, declaration, notices, letters, NOC etc. online at the convinience of your time.

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You would find type and list of documents available for online order. Just click on the type of document you want to make.

Provide the details of parties involved in the documentation requirement like Name, Age, Address, Proofs etc.

The team at WLN will revert back to you within 48 hours, you can pay online and receive the document at your door step within 24 to 48 hours of order.



Arbitration Proceeding Procedure Information


Arbitration Proceeding Procedure

What is Arbitration?

Arbitration is the proceeding conducted by the legal arbitrator to resolve small causes issues at fastest pace for involved parties.

It is one of the best legal solutions way in today’s world is using arbitration process to settle matters and come to consensus for legal issues.

This procedure does not consume your precious time and results are positive most of the time.

We assist with the best arbitration process to find the solution for all small causes issues/matters.

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